An introduction & an invitation into our alternate selves.

One which we might be living amongst, running from, unaware of; One which you are peeling out of in an attempt to expose our own – an asylum that is always present inside every one of us.

AN ASYLUM is a conceptual label with a design philosophy rooted in narrative worldbuilding with enigmatic aesthetics, interpreting the allusions and anecdotes that touch on traditional tailoring with modern sensibilities, all with an artisanal touch.


Founded by a dynamic artist-designer duo, the brand utilises experimental methods to explore a form of garment storytelling that presents a more diverse range of perspectives and content integrity that resonates culturally and individually.


AN ASYLUM captures the balance of old-world charm and contemporary allure, making each piece a story in itself, creating a symbiotic relationship between these contrasts in a harmonious, engaging way.


Welcome to your Asylum.