Brutal - Vest

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Size Guide

Chest (Front): 30
Chest (Back): 31
Shoulder: 32
Length: 38

Measurements in Centimeter (cm)

Boro, a traditional Japanese patchwork style, grew out of necessity as opposed to aesthetics. Tattered clothing was often patched with a small piece of scrap fabric to prolong its longevity. Over time, what may have been shameful to its original owners is now beautiful to us.

Through the concept of sashiko, each stitch we've sewn may have been an ironic reminder of escaping time, and since it was everything at the moment, nothing ultimately had any essence.

Every piece is handmade to order.
Waiting time: 4 weeks



  • Frayed panels
  • Button closure
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Express Shipping Available
  • Handmade in Singapore
  • 100% Japan Cotton Linen