“Will the truth set you free?”

A short film by An Asylum that explores the realm of The Sage archetype as the Bearer of Truth, an entity who has become self-aware of its existence. Through a dialogue with the host it resides in, The Sage seeks for its personal identity by questioning its purpose. What is this world anyway?

"The Sage"

"The Sage" Collection

Singapore Art Week 2021

27 - 30 January 2021

Stamford Arts Centre

"THE SAGE” is one part of a series of projects based on Carl Jung’s 12 Archetypes. This collection takes one on a journey to travel between two realms – Real Life and Virtual Reality – in search of our versions of truth.

While traditionally understood as a character type who seeks knowledge and bears the truth, this project depicts The Sage as one who is on a journey in search within themselves for their personal truth and identity.

Boro, a traditional Japanese patchwork style, emerged out of necessity as opposed to aesthetics. The technique involved mending tattered clothing with small scraps of fabric to prolong its longevity. Over time, what was once considered shameful by its original owners has become beautiful to us.

Through the concept of sashiko, every individual stitch that we’ve sewn may have been an ironic reminder of escaping time, and since it was everything in the moment, nothing ultimately had any essence.

However, there’s a different flavour of emotion in our hands that machines can’t achieve. Every piece of garment sewn by hand is unique to itself, every inch of fibre apart from another, and now a part of you — creating new moments by recreating old memories.

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